Problem translating some string

Hi all,

I'm Alessio the italian translator, Dunno if this is the right ml to ask
for such kind of problem.

i need some information about the real meaning of these string

#: gtk/gtkaccellabel.c:137
#, fuzzy
msgid "Accelerator Closure"

#: gtk/gtkaccellabel.c:138
#, fuzzy
msgid "The closure to be monitored for accelerator changes"

my interpretation. 

Closure event for the accelerator, I mean the event the application wait
for to know that the accelerator change procedure is terminated

is this correct?

#: gtk/gtkaspectframe.c:123
#, fuzzy
msgid "Aspect ratio if obey_child is FALSE"

what is obey_child? do you think is better to leave it untranslated ?

#: gtk/gtkcellrenderertext.c:402 gtk/gtktexttag.c:576
#, fuzzy
msgid "Rise set"

this means: set the elevation or set the zoom .. or something else?

#: gtk/gtkdialog.c:162
#, fuzzy
msgid "Content area border"

what is this content area? is better to leave it untranslated ?

#: gtk/gtkdialog.c:179
#, fuzzy
msgid "Action area border"

the same problem of the previous

#: gtk/gtkentry.c:481
#, fuzzy
msgid "Has Frame"

what means: frame available or something else?

#: gtk/gtkimage.c:184
#, fuzzy
msgid "Icon set"

this means: set of icon or set (the) icon

#: gtk/gtkimage.c:193
#, fuzzy
msgid "Size to use for stock icon or icon set"

what are stock icon exactly?

thanks for now


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