Re: Yiddish input method

On Wed, 2003-03-19 at 12:19, Raphael Finkel wrote:
> I have taken some of Noah's suggestions for alternative keystrokes; tz and oi
> are now synonymous with ts and oy.  I also fixed a minor bug and installed a
> workaround so that AbiWord can understand newline correctly.
> In playing with this input method, I discovered that gtk+ does a context reset
> in places I think it shouldn't.  Supposedly, gtk+ only does context reset when
> the user moves the cursor to a new position by clicking somewhere.  But 
> in an entry widget, such as that used to elicit a file name, gtk+ is calling my
> context reset routine after each keystroke, which confuses my input method.
> It's not worth worrying about; I don't expect folks to want file names with
> Yiddish characters, but who knows?

Can you find out what is making reset get called? (Put a breakpoint,
do a backtrace)


  I'm not really sure what the issue you are trying to solve with the
  delayed commit is ... it strikes me as a little odd to be able to
  backspace through arbitrary amounts text and convert shin => sin, 
  especially if you can't do the same thing when moving the cursor
  But excessive resets need to be fixed

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