Re: Yiddish input method


זײער גוט. אַ שײנעם דאַנק.

On Tue, Mar 18, 2003 at 13:19:45 -0500, Raphael Finkel wrote:
> The source is in ; it needs
> to be unpacked into gtk+-2.0.0/modules/input/.  There are two files:
> imyiddish.c and 

You definitely want to patch, not is generated when you run ./

> Other combinations to try: ay, ey, yi, ii, oy, vu, uv, ui, zh, dj, ts, kh.
> A few unexpected key definitions: W is "sin", I is "pintl-yud", x is khof
> (although I usually prefer kh), c is tsadik (although I often use ts instead);
> capital N, M, F, C, X give you the final forms of letters without ability to
> change to regular forms,

I find myself sometimes typing "oi" instead of "oy", "tz"
instead of "ts", and "ch" instead of "kh". Not sure if you
want to make those combinations work too.

This is very cool, thanks. :)


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