Re: pango and gtkmathview

Dear Soeren,

On Wed, 2003-02-19 at 21:07, Soeren Sandmann wrote:
> Maybe this is irrelevant, but I'll add that to implement the algorithm
> in appendix G in the TeXBook, 

does this mean that you're adding math support into pango?

> you need a lot of metrics of a font

> I may be possible to generate these parameters heuristically; in fact
> I believe there the infamous fontinst TeX program can do this.

I would prefer to have them from the font themselves, but in any case
from the point of view of the API this means you are diverging from what
common X fonts can provide. So my question really was: can you make
pango provide this very font-specific information so that it nicely fits
pango architecture and doesn't clutter it with details that only pertain
a very small subset of all fonts?

> The algorithm in The TeXBook is worth taking a look at if you are
> typesetting mathematics.

Yes, I know that appendix very well, as it was fundamental for
understanding TeX formatting rules which I largely implemented in

Would you be in the position of saying something about point (1) in my
previous email?

-- luca

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