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On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 09:36, miaocheng wrote:
> I user RH9.0 and the desktop manager is Gnome.
> In the gnome , when I input Arabic letters into GUI applications which
> is developed by Gtk+, it is ,you know , module to
> reshape the Arabic letters . This module use xft library and ,by default
> ,  the OpenType font to reshape and  render  the  correct  contextual
> glyph of inputed  letters. But I don't have suitable Arabic OpenType
> font to correctly produce the glyph. I have Arabic bitmap font .  Arabic
> processing module can use core X windows system fonts
> , of course which include bitmap font .So I think I may  use
>  and bitmap font to correctly reshape and render the
> contextual Arabic letters.
>       please tell me how to make it run . or in aother words, how can I
> make system load other than pango-arabic-x.xft  and
> use bitmap font to reshape , render the Arabic letters . if I am false .
> can you share me some ideas to correctly reshape the Arabic letters by
> pango's Arabic module and bitmap font.
> regards

export GTK_USE_XFT=0 will turn on the old bitmap font stuff.

This configuration option will be gone in GTK+-2.4.

Note that Red Hat 9 ships with some Arabic OpenType fonts, in
the fonts-arabic package.


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