Re: [Fwd: Re: Devnagari Unicode in Linux]

On 17/08/2003 at 11:09:11(+0545), Paras pradhan used 1.8K just to say:
> hi,
> i have font path as:
> <dir>/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts</dir>
>         <dir>/usr/share/fonts</dir>
>         <dir>~/.fonts</dir>
> So i guess that is right.
> Now my problem is:
> When i open and type in gedit using devnagari selection in Edit-->
> Prefrernces--> Fonts and Colors..
> I can type Devnagari..
> But when i selecte say: Courier. all the typed words and Further typing
> comes a Rectangle box .

I guess you have to add your Devnagari font to the proper <alias> categories.
Here is what I have in my /etc/fonts/local.conf for example:

  Sans-serif faces
                        <family>Bitstream Vera Sans</family>
                        <family>Nimbus Sans L</family>
                        <family>Luxi Sans</family>
                        <family>Arial Unicode MS</family>
                        <family>Kochi Gothic</family>
                        <family>AR PL KaitiM GB</family>
                        <family>AR PL KaitiM Big5</family>
                        <family>Baekmuk Dotum</family>

Don't forget to add the font to the appropriate "monospace" if you want it it
as a substitute for Courier.

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