Unicode versioning in glib

I'm looking for a library that supports unicode normalization
(decomposition) and I discovered that glib supports this (are there
other LGPL or GPL libraries for this?) which is good.  The problem is
that I'm implementing some protocols which requires that the unicode
version (and in particular decomposition tables) must be of a certain
unicode version (3.2).

Is there any interest in supporting multiple unicode versions (for
decomposition or in general) in GLIB?  I assume that Gnome in general
would want to use the latest available unicode version, but this won't
work for me.

I haven't tested, but it seems I could simply borrow
gen-unicode-tables.pl and generate the tables which I need in my
project, which is probably what I will start with.  But if there is
interest in supporting this in GLIB, it is probably better.

Please CC me as I'm not subscribed to this list. Thanks.

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