Re: Guidelines of a Logical UI for Editing BiDi texts

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On Sun, 29 Sep 2002, Dov Grobgeld wrote:

> Hello,
> Matitiahu Allouche of IBM Israel <matial il ibm com> has kindly sent
> me the draft israeli standard document on the subject:
>    Guidelines of a Logical User Interface for Editing Bidirectional Text
> I have put his document on my web site at:
> Mati would be very interested in getting feedback that may affect the
> standards draft (it has not been passed yet). 
> But it is also interesting to note how the BiDi support in gtk matches
> the description of the draft standard. It appears that the major obstacle
> is one that has been discussed in this list in the past. Namely the
> automatic switching of the keyboard layout as a result of motion of the
> cursor over the different directional runs of the text.
> regards,
> Dov
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