Re: gtksetlocale()

"Frank T. Pohlmann" <polar_beauty yahoo com> writes:

> is it still possible to use gtksetlocale()in gtk 2.X,X
> or has it been deprecated? Just a minor point for an
> article I am writing...

I thought this was handled in the changes file, but I guess

Basically, the answer is:

 Local initialization is normally done automatically

 If you want to do it yourself, call gtk_disable_setlocale()
 and setlocale(3) yourself before calling gtk_init().;

There is almost never any reason to call gtk_set_locale().
See the docs in:

They say about gtk_set_locale:

 If you are calling this function because you changed the locale after
 GTK+ is was initialized, then calling this function may help a
 bit. (Note, however, that changing the locale after GTK+ is
 initialized may produce inconsistent results and is not really

 In detail - sets the current locale according to the program
 environment. This is the same as calling the C library function
 setlocale (LC_ALL, "") but also takes care of the locale specific
 setup of the windowing system used by GDK.


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