Re: About pangowin32...

Alexander Larsson wrote:

On Mon, 16 Sep 2002, Tor Lillqvist wrote:

Hans Breuer writes:
> It appears to still work this way but there needs to be a global alias > file named 'pango.aliases'. The format has changed as well but > > sans = sans
> sans += "bitstream cyberbit"
> > does have the desired visual impact :-)

Aargh, thanks! I should have thought of that, to look for the
functionality on a higher (non-Pango-backend-specific) level.. Will
have to read the code to figure out what can be put in that file. (Can
one for instance specify locale-specific mappings, in order to get
locale-dependent fonts for the CJKV ideographs?)

Yes. This is basically the reason I removed alias support in the lowlevel module. Pango already handle lists of fontnames wherever you can specify a font. All that is needed is a simple way to say "the name foo really means this list of fonts".

Unfortunately I think work on implementing pango-global aliases were held up by other issues at some point. I still think it's the right thing though.

So How does Pango recognize fonts in version 1.0.4? by a global alias file or by some other configuration file?

It uses XftConfig, under X Render extension (GDK_USE_XFT=1) and /etc/pango/pangox.aliases in traditional X. In this way pango does very well but when I move to win32 it gives me no other fonts besides Arial.

Extra information is reported in here:

Moreover, there's something (seems to be) outdated in pango soucre, like those in examples directory. Should we have a clean up?


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