Re: About pangowin32...

Hans Breuer writes:
 > It appears to still work this way but there needs to be a global alias 
 > file named 'pango.aliases'. The format has changed as well but
 > sans = sans
 > sans += "bitstream cyberbit"
 > does have the desired visual impact :-)

Aargh, thanks! I should have thought of that, to look for the
functionality on a higher (non-Pango-backend-specific) level.. Will
have to read the code to figure out what can be put in that file. (Can
one for instance specify locale-specific mappings, in order to get
locale-dependent fonts for the CJKV ideographs?)

 > My first attempt was to #define _WE_WANT_GLOBAL_ALIASES_ but the
 > code between doesn't compile anymore and appears to be not needed
 > either. Shouldn't it be deleted ?

I guess so. Will do that...

 > and I still doubt that it is the right way to port fontconfig to 
 > win32 to make pangoft2/win32 depend on an 'obscure' configuration
 > file. This kind of stuff appears to be available through the 
 > system apis. 

Umm, not necessarily. I wouldn't dismiss fontconfig's usefulness on
Windows yet. (I once started porting fontconfig, but something else
came up, will have to get back to it some day.)

But it might be a good idea to make fontconfig on Win32 use some
built-in default configuration "file", if no actual file is
present. There should be considerably less variation among Windows
machines than what's the case on Unix machines, I think. And you can
find out the location of Windows fonts at run-time using
ShGetFolderPath(CSIDL_FONTS), for instance.


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