Re: pangox bug (missing -lX11 from pangox.pc)

Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes:


>  - By default, Pango tries to build itself so that no explicit
>    dependency on Xft or FreeType will be introduced in apps that

I saw this bit in the README, but figured that it didn't apply since pangox
was getting built with dep's on libX11, not Xft or FT.

> You don't say what sort of system you are compiling Pango on...

Sorry.  It's a rh7.2 system w/ many rawhide upgrades and with ximian rpms
for gnome 1.4.  Using gcc-3.2-4.i386.rpm (from rawhide) and its libraries.
I am starting to suspect that it is this version of gcc that is the problem
since another (very similar) machine whose main difference is gcc 2.96 (the
custom rh 7.1 version) works like a charm in this department.  Is this a
known issue?  Has anyone here used this version of gcc successfully?

  Ami Fischman
  usenet fischman org

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