Re: tamil font in pango-fonts contains conjunct glyph in non Private codepoint

Arun A Tharuvai <aatharuv mit edu> writes:

> I noticed that the Tamil fonts provided with pango-fonts (both 0.3,
> and also current cvs), contain a glyph for the KSHA conjunct in
> position 0BBA. As this glyph is a conjunct, formed from the Unicode
> code points 0B95, 0BCD, and 0BB7, (TAMIL LETTER KA, TAMIL SIGN VIRAMA,
> and TAMIL LETTER SSA respectively) it would probably be more
> appropriate to place it somewhere in the private use area.

Sounds right; but I'd also consider the code to render Tamil
with bitmap fonts a dead-end at this point; the OpenType
code in Pango-1.1 is the way of the future. So, I suspect
it's not worth fixing.


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