Re: Pango-1.1.2 development release

Roozbeh Pournader wrote:

Hicham Amaoui wrote:

Any chances to include fixes for bug #83058

The patch is dirty and does not go cleanly with Pango. It is only included
for end users/distributors. If you want the bug fixed on your machine and
you're in a hurry, apply it yourself. If you want it fixed in
redhat/debian/mandrake/..., and you're in a hurry again, nag to the
respective owner of pango/gnome there, but if you want it fixed in the
original pango, please work on a good patch.

I tried the patch on my machine and it solved the problem (without using AA fonts of course as
it does not apply to the xft module).
Now I'm not familiar with pango internals, and Owen have not enough time to look for a proper fix. So I'm
sticking to kde for now when it comes to arabic support :-(.



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