Re: GTK+-2.0.1 released

Owen Taylor wrote:
> Drazen Kacar <dave willfork com> writes:

> > It would be nice if GTK would search $(app_libdir)/gtk-2.0 if the OS
> > can provide that information. And maybe some other directories in other
> > cases.
> And what if GTK+ goes in /opt/gtk, the app goes in /usr/local
> and the module (gail, bse, or whatever) is in /opt/foo?

That's the usual hopeless case. It requires some kind of registry, I

> The whole idea of modules is that they are code that can be
> loaded into any application. If they were part of the app,
> they would be part of the app, or at least, should be installed
> in the app's own libdir.

I had some less generic situations in mind. I could argue that they happen
often in practice, but that's a matter of opinion.

Anyway, the simplest case is when GTK is somewhere in the system directory
and the user wants to install a bunch of stuff in his home directory. Then
the apps and modules go under the same prefix. Binary packages aren't
important (or possible) in this case, but it would be convenient if the
whole combo just worked without environment variables.

Another case is when we have somewhat separated system directories.
Suppose GTK is in /usr/local (with all purely GTK apps in /usr/local/bin),
but GNOME things go into /opt/gnome. There might be modules which are
GNOME only, so they would go under the same prefix with the rest of GNOME

Both configurations are cases where you have a small number of big groups
of applications and modules which have the same prefix, but it's not the
one where GTK is installed.

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