Re: Heads up on Pango HEAD

Keith Packard <keithp keithp com> writes: 
> I would most willingly accept patches to fontconfig to make it also use
> libxml2 if others are more interested in getting that running sooner than
> I;

I vote against these patches, they are dumb. You don't want to be able
to build a library with two different ABIs depending on configure-time
arguments. And you don't want to wonder which XML parser is involved
when you get a bug report. Plus it's just a waste of time, expat works
fine, is in practice already on everyone's system (for mozilla,
abiword, python, perl...), and is small, etc. It seems to me that for
simply parsing a config file expat is a much more appropriately-sized
library than libxml anyhow.  

If the dependency bugs people, cut-and-paste expat, it's been done a
million times.


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