Re: Heads up on Pango HEAD

Around 16 o'clock on Jun 5, Erwann Chenede wrote:

> >Xft2 doesn't depend on Render -- it can draw text on legacy X servers, AA 
> >text with GetImage/PutImage and non-AA text with cheaper requests.
> Good !
> Where can I find Xft2, so ?
> I thought it was in fcpackage.02-06-03.01-31/Xft but this version 
> has a dependency on XRender. This mean we cannot compile pango on Solaris.

Xft current requires the Xrender library to build and run, but doesn't 
require the Render extension within the X server.  fcpackage includes the 
Xrender library for systems not yet providing that.

> >No; fontconfig and Xft2 are to be released separately from XFree.
> And independent from XRender.

Nope; the goal is to build a package that can compile and run on every 
system.  Of course, as with any new package, that will take help from 
people with systems that I can't test against myself.  In particular, I 
don't have access to machines that don't have XFree86 (oddly).

Keith Packard        XFree86 Core Team        HP Cambridge Research Lab

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