Re: Heads up on Pango HEAD

Hi Keith,


>> - pango has now a full dependency on xft.
>>   (which in turn as a dependency the XRender extension)
>The Xft module depends on Xft (oddly enough).

>Xft2 doesn't depend on Render -- it can draw text on legacy X servers, AA 
>text with GetImage/PutImage and non-AA text with cheaper requests.

Good !
Where can I find Xft2, so ?

I thought it was in fcpackage.02-06-03.01-31/Xft but this version 
has a dependency on XRender. This mean we cannot compile pango on Solaris.

>> So this mean effectively mean that pango will only work on XFree, right ?
>No; fontconfig and Xft2 are to be released separately from XFree.

And independent from XRender.

>> If so is there a way/plan to make these dependencies conditional to make
>> pango and therefore all GNOME 2.0 applications work on other X servers ? 
>> (Yes, you are right, I'm thinking about Sun's X Server).
>There is no need to make them conditional; all of the infrastructure 
>needed can be supplied along with Gnome to run on Sun's X Server.  When
>Sun's X server incorporates the Render extension, AA text will just get 

Thanks for the clarification.


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