Re: Query about Xft2 and Pango, GDK dependency.

Zenith Lau <zenithlau sniic com> writes: 
> 	When configuring and compiling fontconfig, I find that, I
> 	can't control the configure script to install the pkgconfig
> 	file (.pc) to /usr/lib/pkgconfig, while install others under
> 	/usr/X11R6 .. and finally I just manually put the
> 	fontconfig.pc into where I want. It is a fact or a convention
> 	that, we should install the .pc file with same libprefix as
> 	other so files within the same package ? Or, I can config it
> 	via some means, or anything else ??

Normally you would set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to include all places that you
have installed .pc files. See "man pkg-config"

> 	When I run configure in pango, it haven't detect anything
> 	about fontconfig. It also doesn't detect the freetype, and Xft
> 	header correctly. I am totally stalled on it... any idea to
> 	solve it??

Note that you need CVS pango to use fontconfig/Xft2, if you don't have
it. The 2.0.x tarballs won't work AFAIK.


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