Re: 2 Pango problems

Håkon Skjelten <skjelten pvv ntnu no> writes:

> Hi
> To make a _long_ story short: I've got two problems I believe this is the
> right place to ask for answers:
> 1. In GTK/GNOME I often get an unreadable font no matter what I try to set
> in gconf/.gtkrc-2. I found out that this is what pango calls the 'fallback
> font'. If I remove the font it uses - it selects a new 'fallback font'
> (but unfortunately equally unreadable). Question: how do I set which font
> to be the fallback font? (for ex. yelp/GtkHTML2 uses this fallback font a
> lot).

For the old X backend to Pango, the Sans font is configured in 

For Xft version 1 the Sans alias is configured in /etc/X11/XftConfig
For Xft version 2 the Sans alias is configured in /etc/font/fonts.config
> 2. Approx. 1 of 2 X startups give me smaller fonts. This is very strange
> because is seems like pango is choosing among to different relative font
> sizes every time I restart X. Any clue?

This probably means that your X server is only sometimes probing your
monitor's size correctly. The way to fix this is to specify
'DisplaySize' explicitely in your XF86Config file.


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