Pango and text handling in GTK+.


	I'd like to ask that, does pango is solely a underlying layer beneath GTK+? Only GTK function will call pango stuff?? Or we can use pango in our code? In what case I should use pango directly?

	Also, I can't find some introduction material or even comprehensive article talking about the updated i18n stuff in GTK. I have find some from Taylor, but it seems like a introduction or blueprint only.

	Yet, I can see the screenshot in, which different script is displayed. Does it means that, gtk2 can now provide some m17n features (for displaying different script at the same time) ?

	In gtk2, if don't specify the fonts stuff, and craete a text label, which is the default font for this? where can I set it? The config file for Pango or the one of xft??

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