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On Tue, Jul 23, 2002 at 04:07:34PM +0200, Hicham Amaoui wrote:

> Have you seen arabic support in Qt/KDE3? I think it's perfect :-)
> Some screenshots:

Indeed it is very good.
And it maks me realize a thing I didn't think of before:
applications not yet translated must keep their general layout in LTR;
so any Gnome module should have its own "direction=LTR" entry in its own *.po

It is not perfet however, there are some small things still not mirrored:
- the tree lists
- horizontal scrollbars ? (I'm not sure, where are the small arrow butons
  supposed to be?)
- some icons should be replaced with a better version (like the one with a 
  cross inside of a black box with a right-pointing right side; it should
  point to the left instead)
- the icons on the background should be on the right
- the columns in a table display? (like in "findfiles", the columns should
  be ordered the other way: the filename on the top right, then the path
  at its left, etc)
- in the help toolbar (eg: help2) the previous/next buttons icons seem
  not mirrored
- the images on top of help panels (like in help2, the one with the round
  whith and red stuff I don't know its English name) should be replaced
  with RTL versions, with the decorating things on the right (like the LTR
  versions have them on the left).
- the text in the titlebars should be right aligned


That being said, I agree it is the best one I've seen until now.  

Ki a vos vye bn,
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