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Roozbeh Pournader wrote:

I just saw a screen shot from the Arabic translation of Gnome 2 at:

Which clearly has two major problems, one is that the widgets are not mirrored and the other is underlining breaks Arabic joining.

The widget mirroring feature doesn't work very well, so I disabled it. (translating a string in gtk+.po to RTL or LTR). For example you must click to the left to bring the applications menu which
is on the right. I'll post a screenshot later.

I've reported the problem of arabic joining breaks some time ago, but it didn't get resolved, and
I'm not familiar with gtk+/pango internals to fix it myself.

About the first, I remember Robert Brady telling me he had a patch for
mirroring GTK widgets, but unfortunately the guy has disappeared from the
Net. Does anyone have such a patch? Is there any chance of inclusion into
GTK? (I can take responsibility.)

And about the latter, does anyone have a clue about the possible source
and how to fix that? I just wanted to ask before jumping to code.


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