Re: About GDK_USE_XFT.

Zenith Lau <zenithlau sniic com> writes:

> from the documentation of gtk source (I am not very sure, but i should be inside the source of gtk/pango, or something related source), if I want pango to render using xft , then I should export GDK_USE_XFT, right??
> and it also said that, XFree86 piror to 4.2 is not advised because the xft will crash.
> does it means that, if I am not using XFree86-4.2 (I am using XFree4.1 w/RH7.2), I can not enjoy the anti-aliasing function from Gnome2??
> As I think this is the most attractive features for me. But if I have to installing Gnome2, and also XFree86 4.2. I may prefer installing from scratch or from a new distributing.

Yes, usinng antialiased fonts with XFree86-4.1 is not recommended;
there is a bug with unitialized stack contents in the Xrender library
shipped with XFree86-4.1.

Upgrading to XFree86-4.2 is not that hard; you should be able to just
grab the Red Hat 7.3 XFree86 packages and install them on your
machine.  (On the other hand upgrading to Red Hat 7.3 is even
easier... :-)


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