Pango and the X Font Path

I made the following font directory using the ClearlyU font and the Indic fonts that are in pango-fonts/indic:

[emader liberator deva-fonts]$ ls /usr/share/fonts/pango-fonts/bitmap/
bgn-18.pcf  bng-21.pcf    cu-arabic12.bdf  dev-18.pcf  gur-10.pcf  tam-16.pcf
bng-10.pcf  bng-25.pcf    cu-devnag12.bdf  dev-24.pcf  gur-12.pcf  tam-18.pcf
bng-12.pcf  bur-18.pcf    cu-lig12.bdf     fonts.dir   gur-16.pcf  tam-24.pcf
bng-15.pcf  cu12.bdf      cu-pua12.bdf     guj-12.pcf  tam-12.pcf
bng-18.pcf  cu-alt12.bdf  dev-14.pcf       guj-18.pcf  tam-14.pcf
[emader liberator deva-fonts]$

If I put this on the front of the X font path using "xset +fp /usr/share/fonts/pango-fonts/bitmap" and run testtext, much of the text in the Example text from the Test menu doesn't display. In particular, I don't see any Arabic or Thai text.

Eric Mader

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