Re: imhangul is not correct..

Changwoo Ryu <cwryu debian org> writes:

> If noone objects, I'll insert Korean GtkIMContextInfo block into
> imxim.c.  (Probably it could be done in a few seconds.  :)

Just did it:

Wed Feb 27 14:08:26 2002  Owen Taylor  <otaylor redhat com>

	* modules/input/imxim.c: Add ko and zh to the locales
	where this is the default.

> > >>  Usually all input entries in one
> > >> toplevel window (sometimes in one program or in the whole desktop)
> > >> share one Hangul toggle state.  And most users still prefer to see the
> > >> Hangul toggle state from the panel, rather than besides the input
> > >> entry.
> > Hmm, sharing IM contexts in a process is trivial,
> > mozilla does it in XIM framework.
> > But whole desktop is difficult... Does it needed?
> Yes.  The Korean edition of Windoze does that way.  Though I prefer
> the first way (states for each toplevel window), most newbies expects
> the only one state in one desktop.

I think there is definitely some work that should be done on making
input methods (and keyboard switching) fit nicely into the desktop.

We should be do as well or better than Windows XP where in the
status dock you have a little bar with a menu to switch between
different input languages, the status of the current input method,
a way of configuring the set of input languages.  (from memory)

But that is a decent sized project that goes beyond the scope of
just GTK+, though some support will definitely need to be added
to GTK+ to support that.

There is a bug open about sharing input contexts per toplevel:


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