Re: gtk+/build/

> It's a virtual module; virtual modules are a little funny sometimes.

Actually, I now think it was a mistake to make it a virtual module
included in glib, gtk+ and gimp. Sorry. My thoughts originally when
making it a virtual module to be included in several places were that
people might want to build gtk+ or gimp for Win32 without having the
glib sources. 

But I now think that surely those few people can be assumed to also
have glib sources... Personally I don't need the build stuff any
longer as I use autoconfiscation, but Hans, what do you think?

I think it would be much simpler to just have build in glib as a
"normal" subdirectory (and nowhere else). If this change wouldn't
cause even more problems, feel free to do whatever manual CVS hacking
needed to move build into glib as a normal directory.


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