Re: pango_ot_ruleset_shape and GPOS

At 08:21 AM 2/1/2002, Owen Taylor wrote:

Eric Mader <mader jtcsv com> writes:

> [...]
> I looked at pango_ot_ruleset_shape, which seems to be the logical
> place to call TTO_GPOS_Apply_String, and it's not called there. Is
> this just a case of "you're the first person who needs it, so you get
> to write it"

The patch in:

Includes this. I haven't had a chance to review it yet, unfortunately.


I installed and tested this patch. The patches it makes to arabic-xft.c don't compile (it calls pango_ot_ruleset_shape_2 instead of pango_ot_ruleset_shape). Also, since I'm using an Arabic font with lots of ligatures, I hit the num_glyphs == num_char assertion. I was able to proceed by commenting out the assertion.

(I think this is actually a symptom of a more general need with OT processing; a way to relate the input character string to the resultant glyph string. I need something like this in my Indic engine to do post-GSUB matra fixups for Tamil and Malayalam... I'll have to think about this some more.)

After I adjusted my Indic code to set both GSUB and GPOS features in the ruleset, I got "Error loading GPOS table 4128" (TTO_Err_Invalid_GPOS_SubTable_Format) I'm going to start digging in the code to figure out what's happening here. Just reporting in, 'cause I don't know how long it's going to take to find this...

Eric Mader

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