Re: Remaining 1.2.0 Pango bugs

On Mon, 9 Dec 2002, Owen Taylor wrote:

Thank you for the note.

> Here's what's left on the 1.2.0 milestone for Pango.

> +: bug I think should be fixed for 2.2.0
> ?: maybe fix, maybe punt
> -: good punt candidate
> Hangul
> ======
> ? 86591  Combining Jamos support with Xft
>   Can be RESOLVED FIXED? (not sure)
> ? 95708  enhancing Hangul shaper (Xft) with Oxxx/Nxxx fonts
>   Fairly major set of changes to Hangul shaper; seems
>   to be a couple of different things (code cleanup,
>   use a bsearch for speed, support Oxxx/Nxxx fonts).
>   Perhaps should wait for 1.4.0?

  I guess I can make it in 1.2.0. While implementing almost
identical features for Mozilla, I identified a few glitches/bugs in my
latest patch to Pagno and fixed them for Mozilla. I'll 'back-port'
those fixes to Pango and make a new patch in a few days.

> ? 96299  Hangul tone mark handling in Hangul-xft shaper
>   Not really sure what's up with this bug; it's sort of
>   a sprawling discussion. Probably related to 100625
>   in some way.
> + 100625 Solitary tone mark shapes to no glyphs
>   A crasher, would be good to fix

  I'll take a look at 100625 along with 96299.


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