Remaining 1.2.0 Pango bugs

Here's what's left on the 1.2.0 milestone for Pango.
Of the following, aside from the doc bugs, it seems
that 100625 is the main bug that needs fixing. It
might be good to get the patches in 95708 integrated
as well. 



+: bug I think should be fixed for 2.2.0
?: maybe fix, maybe punt  
-: good punt candidate

? 86591  Combining Jamos support with Xft
  Can be RESOLVED FIXED? (not sure)

? 95708  enhancing Hangul shaper (Xft) with Oxxx/Nxxx fonts
  Fairly major set of changes to Hangul shaper; seems 
  to be a couple of different things (code cleanup,
  use a bsearch for speed, support Oxxx/Nxxx fonts).
  Perhaps should wait for 1.4.0?

? 96299  Hangul tone mark handling in Hangul-xft shaper
  Not really sure what's up with this bug; it's sort of
  a sprawling discussion. Probably related to 100625
  in some way.

+ 100625 Solitary tone mark shapes to no glyphs
  A crasher, would be good to fix

? 73119  The characters gets overlapped in GtkEntry widget.
  Not clear if there is a bug here or not, needs testing
? 94034  smooth fonts under WinXP
  This might be fixed now, if it was the bug in 99805?

- 76328  pango_win32_font_get_metrics () is expensive
  A suggested optimization 

+ 76848  Improve docs on creating XftConfig
  Leaving open to remind me to put information about fontconfig
  in the README and maybe the docs.

+ 96335  Pango units and PANGO_SCALE documentation inconsistency
  Probably should do some doc cleanup here.

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