Re: Font Problems

Eric Mader <mader jtcsv com> writes:

> * it seems to use differnt fonts for letters in the same word. For
> example the Greek text "Pan" in "Pango, displays with a small pi a
> large alpha, and a small nu. Also, the small text seems to be set on a
> baseline which is lower than the large text. (selection seems to match
> the large text) I see similar things in the Chinese examples -
> sometimes it will mix traditional and simplified fonts within the same
> word.

Most likely fonts which "coincentally" have these characters
are getting sorted before whatever greek font you have on
your system. (Assuming you have one.)

You probably can fix this by putting your greek font into 
the sans alias in fonts.conf.

For the Chinese examples, if you are running within a traditional
chinese locale (zh_TW) then it should be favoring the traditional
font. If you run within a simplified locale (zh_CN), it will
favor the simplified font. If you are running in English, it
will use the order of your sans alias in fonts.conf.

If the text you are looking doesn't match the locale, then you
need to use an explicit language tag when sending the text
to Pango, which it will then pass on to fontconfig.


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