Re: Translating pictures

Roozbeh Pournader <roozbeh sharif edu> writes:

> Well, for Right-to-left languages, we somehow need to translate pictures.  
> Saw that Return-like picture that appears before the OK buttons? That
> needs to be mirrored for Arabic, Hebrew and Persian. Sometimes dumb
> mirroring is enough, but some other times we may need to show a new
> picture with some parts mirrored but not the others.
> Just a thought. Any suggestions?

The mechanism is there ... from:

  In a stock definition, icon sources are specified as a 4-tuple of
  image filename, text direction, widget state, and size, in that
  order. Each icon source specifies an image filename to use with a
  given direction, state, and size. The * character can be used as a
  wildcard, and if direction/state/size are omitted they default to
  *. So for example, the following specifies different icons to use for
  left-to-right and right-to-left languages:

  stock["my-stock-item"] = 
    { "itemltr.png", LTR, *, * },
    { "itemrtl.png", RTL, *, * }

It could also be done for the stock icons set up by GTK+ if we
had the necessary images.


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