Re: About GTK2 and i18n (Chinese)

 --- Pablo Saratxaga <pablo mandrakesoft com> wrote: >
> On Mon, Apr 29, 2002 at 11:58:21PM -0400, Owen
> Taylor wrote:
> > If you set the G_BROKEN_FILENAME environment
> variable, GTK+
> > will treat all filenames as the encoding of your
> locale.
> > 
> > Autodetection isn't really possible on something
> as short
> > as a filename.
> Well, an utf-8 string can always be autodetected,
> even with a string as
> short as a single char (that's one of the nice
> things with utf-8).

Not quite true.  Some CJK encodings have two-byte
sequences which look just like UTF-8.  I bet it's
even possible in Eastern European languages.
You can always tell when a string is legal UTF-8 but
you can't always tell if it's not also legally
something else.

Andrew Dunbar.

> So, a nice default behaviour for gtk2 would be, if
> the locale is not utf-8,
> to handle all file names that have 8bit bytes that
> don't conform to a utf-8
> sequence as if they were in the locale encoding, it
> will work nice in almost
> all cases.
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