Re: About GTK2 and i18n (Chinese)

Xuedong Zhang <zxd auda bu edu> writes:

> Hi,
>   When using GTK2 , I found that I cann't use chinput (Chinese XIM) to input
> the chinese.

I'm surprised by this. I've only tested GTK+-2 with kinput2 (Japanese)
and ami (Korean), but I would expect other XIM based input
methods to work as ewll.

It's possible that if chinput only supports over-the-spot, and
not the on-the-spot or root-window styles, then it might not
work properly with GTK+-2.

What behavior do you observe?

>  also it doesn't recogonize the filename in GB2312 anymore. This
> brings a lot of compatibility problems.
>   I wonder if it is the problem that gtk2 now only deal with utf8 encoding
> if it is, it would be nice that gtk2 can automatically recogonize one
> other locale encoding.
> say GB2312 under the chinese enviroment (or GB18030?)

If you set the G_BROKEN_FILENAME environment variable, GTK+
will treat all filenames as the encoding of your locale.

Autodetection isn't really possible on something as short
as a filename.


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