Re: Pango-1.0.1

Thanks compiling it with --with-qt="no" worked just fine. Just out of
curiosity does any one know why this wouldn't work?

Alex Larsson wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Apr 2002, David Vestal wrote:
> > I have been working on installing Gtk-2.0.1 and have had some problems
> > getting Pango to compile. The error occurs during a part in which it is
> > including some header files from QT. I have read the documentation and
> > it says that you need QT 2, I have QT 3.0.3, so I am assuming that my
> > version of QT is too new. Does anyone else think that it might be
> > something else. If the version of QT is the problem does anyone know if
> > this issue is being addressed for a future version of Pango?
> Try "./configure --with-qt=no".
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