Malayalam in Pango


I am working on Arun's pango module for Malayalam. This is the
screenshot of what I have been able to achieve so far:

The screenshot shows gtk testtext and yudit displaying the same file
with the same font. I have some issues as noted below.

1. Malayalam uses ZWJ to represent "chill" letters. Since other
languages like Devanagari and Gujarati uses the same character, only the
one which register first seems to get to handle this. In other words, if
I have malayalam registration in the beginning of the pango.modules file
it works fine, but if it is after Devanagari, it is not rendered
2. Some vowels like "oo", which modifies the consonant before and after
are not rendered correctly. Yudit seems to render it correctly. I am not
sure how to handle this. Look at the screenshot, lines 18 and 19,
rectangles are displayed on the right of the consonant, left side seems
to be ok.
3. Where do I get opentype encoding specifications for Malayalam?

Any comments and suggestions to the above problems will be greatly
appreciated. Also the font(hacked from Tex) and the code is in GPL, and
if anyone wants to try it out I can post them.


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