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i've create images for describe some behavior of Thai
character 'cluster'.
maybe its better that try to draw it in the air.

does it the same with Indic, Korean and Vietnamese ?

Art! :)

--- Chookij Vanatham <chookij thestork eng Sun COM>
> Hi,
> I'll check it out.
> I just make sure that the sample below "<Delete>"
> is actually the
> <baskspace> case. It should be "<Backspace>"
> produces u.
> Just make sure that we are in-sync.
> I thought that <backspace> would delete one
> character in front of
> the current cursor position.
> <Delete> will delete the current whole cluster.
> This behavior is in Thai and same as "indic" as
> mentioned by
> "Steve Underwood".
> Not quite sure about "Korean and Vietnamese" as
> mentioned by "Mark Leisher"
> but if it means "<backspace>" in both Korean and
> Vietnamese will
> delete one character in front of the current cursor
> position, then,
> seems to be Thai/Indic/Korean/Vietnamese behave the
> same for both
> <backspace> and <delete>
> Chookij V.

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