Diacritic signs (aka krakaziabri) apperaing in place of koi8-r fonts.

Description of situation and involved software:

I run FreeBSD 4.2 with enviroment of one user localized to Russian
language. Fontset used is koi8-r. In X enviroment the keyboard layout used
is deviant form standard Russian keyboard layout and is based on fonetic
equivalence (e.g Q is NOT maped to russian short I but Q is mapped to
Russian YA). In applications that rely themslefes on GTK-library (e.g.
xchat, xmms) I observe following: Menus and some other objects are
presnted in diacritic signs (the upper part of original 8-bit ASCII)
which looks like garbage for Russian native speaker. Also to notice
is the fact that "classical" GTK application GIMP runs just fine.
I suppose that somewhere deep in guts of library some pointer points
to original ASCII table (its upper part) instead of pointing to KOI8-r
table (low 128 same as ASCII upper 128 Russian letters). So question
is: How is it possible to mend the dicribed situation?

Best Regards

Ariel Burbaickij

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