GtkMovementStep of GtkTextView

Hi Owen, Havoc,...

I'm trying to figure out how to move I-beam in GtkTextView by basing on
"cluster" of script.

After I debug/try to understand how the I-beam movement works,
I'd like to suggest to add 1 more type called
"GTK_MOVEMENT_VISUAL_CLUSTER_POSITIONS". This movement step will tell
GtkTextView to move I-beam based on script cluster information.

For sure, in Thai, I-beam will be moving based on cluster.
I guess that all other indic scripts would behave the same.

I'm making the change in gtk_text_view_move_cursor() to handle
"gtk_text_layout_move_iter_cluster_visually()" in gtktextlayout.c.

After I test it and this is the necessary thing needed to be done,
I'll put back them.

I want to let the community to know/think/suggest any idea before
the codefreeze date of GTK+ 2.0 APIs.

Please let me know any comments....

Signal Prototypes

             void        user_function      (GtkTextView *textview,
                                             GtkMovementStep arg1,
                                             gint arg2,
                                             gboolean arg3,
                                             gpointer user_data);

Chookij V.

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