Re: GtkMovementStep of GtkTextView

Chookij Vanatham <chookij thestork eng Sun COM> writes:

> Hi Owen, Havoc,...
> I'm trying to figure out how to move I-beam in GtkTextView by basing on
> "cluster" of script.
> After I debug/try to understand how the I-beam movement works,
> I'd like to suggest to add 1 more type called
> "GTK_MOVEMENT_VISUAL_CLUSTER_POSITIONS". This movement step will tell
> GtkTextView to move I-beam based on script cluster information.

What would the difference between this and GTK_MOVEMENT_VISUAL_POSITIONS, which
is meant to move by "graphemes" as determined by is_cursor_position
of PangoLogAttr?

I believe these graphemes will be the same as you mean by "clusters"
for Thai.


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