Re: gdk-pixbuf compilation problems in cvs

On 11 Mar 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Right now you can enter any Unicode char by holding down Shift-Alt and
> typing a hex digit, which is perhaps a useful fallback mode (hardly
> conducive to touch typing, I know!) ;-)

> Not sure what other kinds of features the default input method should
> have.

The important thing, is that the bidi user may need a key for RLM or LRM
when she's in English keyboard mode also. To be more exact, there should
be some common shortcuts for these, when the user's keyboard modes
include one right-to-left script.

> Another thing we could _conceivably_ have on the right-click menu is a
> pop-up graphical character picker dialog, but I'm not sure if it's
> that useful. It would mostly be useful if you were trying to insert a
> character in a language you don't normally use I guess.

It should be configurable by the application I believe (some applications
will not support a certain script or character), and the block layout is
also important (the user should see all the mathematical symbols
together), I believe.


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