Text widget comments


I have been playing around with the text widget tonight and I have 
some comments and questions:

* If the widget is in right-to-left (RTL) mode and the line is empty
  the cursor is not visible. This could easily be taken care of by
  drawing the characters one pixel to the left and leaving one pixel
  margin on the right side for the cursor.

* I think that drawing small triangles indicating directions on 
  top of the cursor in addition to the blue and the black cursor
  colors would give better indication of direction. This behaviour
  should of course be configurable. Perhaps the triangles should
  only be drawn when the cursor is split.

* There is a bug that causes the last word to jump back and forth between
  the first and the second line if the first line is entered as a long
  series of Hebrew words. It may easily be seen by putting the keyboard
  into Hebrew mode and just ponding some characters and an occational space.

* (I added the following two lines to testtext.c:

    if (file_exists ("testtextrc"))
      gtk_rc_add_default_file ("testtextrc");

  which made me ask the question what are the qualifications needed in
  order to get write access to gtk cvs? 8-)

* How can I make xkb input a special character? E.g. I would like 
  Shift-A in Hebrew mode input LRM (Ux200E)? 

* I created a file that contained a RLM character, which worked 
  without any problem and modified the BiDi output as it should. But
  I then tried to use the mouse and keyboard to mark this zero width
  character in order to copy it and paste it somewhere else. I never
  managed... I managed in the end to position the cursor in order
  to erase it through hte keyboard, but it took me a while to figure
  out where I was in logical and visual spaces... How much fun it
  will be if someone actually uses the recursive 63 levels of BiDi
  override, that the Unicode specification allows. 8-)

* A final comment is regarding interaction between the widgets and 
  the keyboard direction. Consider a clerk sitting somewhere in the
  world having to fill in the following form:

   Name:                     ________
   Name in Latin characters: ________

  where the native language is a non-latin character language. The
  clerk is tabbing between the input fields and is entering the
  requested information. As the clerk is in a hurry it would be very
  nice if the tabbing to the Latin character entry would
  automatically change the keyboard to a Latin character keyboard
  setup that was specified by the programmer.

  As far as I understand this interaction is not possible right now.
  What would it require to make it work? Is it desirable?


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