Re: gdk-pixbuf compilation problems in cvs

dov imagic weizmann ac il writes: 
> Now I will soon be able to check out the bidi interaction of the new
> text widget.
> Here is one comment for a starter. I think that the right button
> should put up a pop-up menu, where one of the entries is 
> "Special Unicode characters". This should present a sub menu
> with the option of entering the unicode characters ZWJ, RLM, LRM,
> etc. Another option should be a toggle to display unicode control
> characters in which case these invisible characters would be 
> visible. Also, when moving over an invisible character, its
> name should be sent to some info label...

I'm not sure those control characters even do anything at the
moment... I remember a long thread on gtk-i18n-list about what they
are supposed to do, but am not sure what the decision was and in
particular how to hack it into the text widget.


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