Pango : Tamil Module with LIGATURE HACK

    Just finished rewriting the Tamil module so that it uses
pango_x_apply_ligature and all the ligature info go  into the X fonts.I
can't believe it, but it works!!!I'll submit this as soon as I finish
checking the ligatures.

   I have one crib about pango_x_apply_ligature.It is supposed to apply
the ligature and return the new number of glyphs.However it doesn't seem
to do that.The indic modules do a pango_indic_compact after applying
ligatures.I don't want to make the Tamil module use the Indic engine
just because it needs to use pango_indic_compact.For now I've written
tamil_compact within the module itself which does the same thing as
indic_compact.So I think the compact operation needs to be put in
apply_ligatures itself so that it can be used from modules that don't
use the indic engine.

   And another general question on fonts.I created the fonts as
TTF under Windows(by cutting and pasting from another font).I then
converted them to bdf using ttf2bdf.As is see it, the ascent and descent
in the global font metrics are not the maximum values of the ascents and
descents of the individual glyphs.This results in the glyphs being cut
at the top and at the bottom in "testtext".So should I just see the
maximum values in xfd and change the .BDF appropriately??Is there an
easier way??

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