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On 06/13/2001 09:09:53 PM steveu wrote:

>One things Peter Constable said intrigued me, though. He described the
>plane 14 Unicode tags as a Bad Idea. From what I have seen they are not
>bad, but just inappropriate. In all cases I understand they seem to be a
>reasonable indicator of spoken language, and would therefore be
>appropriate tags for speech processing. They just don't cut it for
>script processing. If that is not generally the case I would be
>interested to know.

In spite of the fact that they were just recently added to Unicode, their
use is discouraged by the Unicode Consortium.

<quote src =>
The characters in this block provide a mechanism for language tagging in
Unicode plain text. **However, the use of these characters is strongly
discouraged.** The characters in this block are reserved for use with
special protocols. They are **not** to be used in the absence of such
protocols, or with **any** protocols that provide alternate means for
language tagging, such as HTML or XML.

[asterisks added; otherwise, emphasis in original]

- Peter

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