Re: Pango, FT2 backend, and font files

On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 10:10:07AM +0800, Richard Chan wrote:
> BTW the ft viewer example doesn't compile under Gnome2-devel-beta
> right?

That's right. The ft viewer really should be moved out of the pango
libraries, as there is a cyclic dependency in order to get it to compile
as it depends on gtk which in turn depends on pango. 

Tony Graham <tony graham sun com> has ported it so that it compiles
with the latest version of pango. But because of this cyclic behaviour
it is not being put back into pango. It might be a good idea to open
a new cvs directory category with various usage examples for gnome-2.0 . 
Alternatively the ft-viewer might be ported into using pure xlib or

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