SIL's graphite and smart-font rendering

As part of the adoption of Graphite by the LDC
( SIL has decided to turn graphite into free
software, and work on "porting it to Linux". Graphite is similar in
purpose to Uniscribe (though SIL claims it is superior, I would be
surprised if it were not since they have no problems with adopting
Uniscribe rather than doing their own development). has some whitepapers on the

SIL is interested in getting Graphite support into all major font
rendering systems as it makes it much easier for them to work with
minority languages that are otherwise marginalised. I met with one of
their computational linguists over lunch today to discuss the
possibility of adding Graphite support to Pango as their initial Linux
target. Is this something we'd be interested in? (particularly if they
end up doing the bulk of the coding)


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