Re: Pango-0.14 released

hi pablo,

Agree with and hold the same opinion as yours. However few issues that i
am running into for the short term (6.5):

A> Dependency of pango on glib1.3.x (Don't know if mozilla is planning to
   move to a developmental version of glib in near future.
B> Need to investigate combining IBM BiDi code (currently in final phases
   of being integrated into mozilla) with pango api.
C> Extra effort in wrapping mozilla rendering attributes with pango
Also, the approach i am considering is to maintain pango as a separate
library, while eliminating gobject (glib1.3 specific i believe) and
PangoFont dependencies. Having said that, there is no doubt whatsoever
that linking in and using the api is the way to go.
with regards,

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>Subject: Re: Pango-0.14 released
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>On Fri, Apr 13, 2001 at 05:27:59PM -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
>> Pango is under the GNU Lesser General Public License. The general intent
>> So, code from Pango could not be used in OpenOffice without
>> relicensing, because all code in Mozilla needs to be dual-licensed under
>> with), and most of the time they are happy to do this. For instance,
>> Karl Koehler discussed reusing the Arabic-shaping code in Pango with
>> people from the Mozilla team, though I don't think they actaully
>> ended up using the code.
>I must admit I don't understand why projects like Mozilla would like to
>use compiled-in code instead of using libraries that have a good API and
>are generally available on platforms where Moizilla is intended to run
>(and if that is not the case; wouldn't it makle more sense help porting pango
>to those rather than including it inside of Mozilla?).
>What would be the advantages for Mozilla to include portions of pango code
>instead of just linking with pango lib and doing the approrpiate function
>Ki ça vos våye bén,
>Pablo Saratxaga
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