Re: Re: Bidirectional Bugs in Hebrew (fwd)


> But that doesn't solve the problem at all :)
> The problem is not when an hyphen/minus is used between numbers (in such
> case the LTR order is used anyway, so no need to switch to English);
> the problem happens in the other case: when there is an hyphen involved
> in a RTL *text* that happens to include some digits (ex: "8-bit" but
> there 
> sure can be others)

I tried replacing the minus with hyphen in the XKB file. Unfortunately,
when trying to write equations "9-8" the hyphen and the paragraph defined
as RTL reverse it which isn't what I want.
Would it be possible to write hyphen in certain circumstances and minus in
other circumstances (numbers)?
By the way, does anyone know how MS implemented biderctionality in Word95?
That version of word was pretty much perfect on stuff like this.

Uri David Akavia

Pablo, I don't have any tools to create XKB files. However, If I know the
keyboard layout (easy for my native tounge of hebrew) I have enough
paitence to create an XKB file from scratch.
If anyone wants an XKB file he or she should send me a picture or
description of the layout and I will do my best to create one like that.

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