Re: gtkim in gtk+2.0

>The new-im branch has on-the-spot input methods, loadable
>backend modules, and switching modules on the fly.

Thanks, I'll check out new-im branch.

>One of the backends I have is XIM, though becaues of limitations
>in Xlib, you are limited to a single XIM input method.
>> How about locale independent input methods? Is anybody working on it?
>I'm not sure what you mean by a locale indepenent input method.
>The default input method handles compose key sequences with a built
>in compose table that handles a pretty wide range of languages;
>that and the supplied sample cyrillic transliteration input method
>work whatever the current locale.
>What you might be asking about is a table-driven IM which reads
>tables from disk. The only stumbling block to do doing that currently
>is that the module system expects that each module statically
>implements some number of input methods; there is no way for
>a module to list its availanle input methods at run time.
>(This also is a problem for other things, such as writing an
> IIIMF input module)

Thanks for the info. I'll get back to answer your comments after looking
at the new-im branch.

In short, for now, I'm interested in creating yet another back-end in
gtk+ 2.0 which combines multiple XIM modules and enable multi-lingual text
input in gtk+/gnome widgets and applications. What I want to know
first is whether or not gtk+ 2.0 IM API is enough to allow to do that.

thanks again,


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